Who we are and how we do it.

I wanted to own my own business within the equine industry, combining business and horses just worked for me. I knew I had to learn the ropes to help me understand how to run my own business so I secured a business administration apprenticeship with a company in Leeds. Supported by Selby College I now hold a Management Degree and have never looked back.

‘I started an Equine Rug Washing Business, with our Strategic Marketing grew very quickly, I soon had to employ staff’.

Having enjoyed several very successful years we had the idea of giving others the opportunity of working in the equine sector by offering the flexible EA Equi Rugwash franchise nationally.

Now our clients can have their own business, work as many hours as they please safe in the knowledge that they have the backing of a company that cares, helps develop and most importantly wants their Franchisees to be successful..

‘We know our Exclusive Marketing Strategy works. It is proven by the growth seen year on year with our Franchisees. Knowing how successful this strategy works, we aim to develop our Franchisees throughout the UK.’

‘During 2018 – 2020 we will expand the business across the UK developing our franchisees businesses as they grow. To take us forward we have reviewed our marketing strategy to develop additional revenue workstreams.

We will be investing heavily in promoting the franchise and developing other great business add ons that will enhance each and every franchise holders offer to market.’

‘Franchisee opportunities readily available call us on 01757642321 to find out more